BVLGARI Goldea-aromas, that will stay in your memory

One might ask surpringly, what does a perfume do on a wine blog?

And I will tell you, the sensorics of wine and perfume are actually not that far apart.

As a professional taster my daily life evolves around the taste of things, the smell or how to get the perfect combination between wine and food. It is the same with feeling a fine scent. BVLGARI presented the newest creation of the aromaspectrum at the Clubrestaurant Haute. Firstly a perfume needs to please the woman, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t please the skin as well. An elegant perfume can be sensory tasted just like wine. At first you look at it and collect impressions about the outer appearance. In a second step the evaluation of the smell comes in. One tries to find out aromagroups, to then go more in depth. Afterwards follows the „tasting“, for wine it’s the palate and for scent it’s the nose or the skin.

BVLGARI Goldea is described by the embodiment of the sun, that looks as follows by sensorics in their description:

Soft aromas of oranges and apricots, a breath of musk and bergamot mixed with a fruity accent. The richness of this golden scent is given by the floral note of the feminine Ylang-Ylang blossom, that lets the texture appear silky. With time the perceptible aromas change to delicate, elegant nuances of jasmin blossom that are framed by vanilla.

The only big difference to wine is the echo of BVLGARI Goldea, that is almost infinite and holds its scent for the whole day.

The next point, as it is with wine, is to find out the interesting story behind this product. What are the thoughts of the producer, what ideas did he have to design the flask in this way. The inspiration for BULGARI Goldea comes from Egypt. The amber clasp should represent the softness of papyrus, through which the warming sun shines and lastly gives back the echo of the sun like a golden eye.

This scent is for women who like nostalgia, like to be flattered by a breath of luxury and like to reminisce about their last summer vacation.

More about BVLGARI, the brand, the perfume and specials read on her- etiquette

Gold, the object that dreams, myths and legends are made of.

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