Champagne, is always a good idea

again and again I am drawn to the region of my favorite drink, the Champagne.  Would you also like to take a short trip into the world of luxury drinks? Then here are some tips for you.

Itinerary for 3 days of sparkling pleasure.

it is always best to plan during the week, if possible, as most champagne houses are more inclined to open during the week.
My latest discovery for a luxurious stay is the Hotel Royal Champagne in the heart of the Champillon vineyards. A modern, extremely elegant hotel with a fantastic view over the vineyards of Epernay and excellent cuisine. The spa area is redeveloped, so if the weather is bad you can relax here.

Day one:

After your arrival I recommend a visit with dinner in the big champagne house Pommery, as the mix of big and small houses makes the journey interesting and exciting. At Pommery a woman of soul and heart was the driving force, Louise Pommery. “I always wanted the Domaine to read like an open book telling a story of the changing world and time.” That’s exactly what I saw during my visit. Despite the size of the house, I was warmly welcomed and with passion the history of the house was introduced to me. I was allowed to explore the underground world of Pommery. Madame Pommery established a new tradition: she named the cellar tunnels after the big international cities to which the champagne had already been delivered. I entered the plant through the cellar “Carnot”, the main building of the company, it is overlooked by a watchtower above the large staircase. The outside world and the underworld were created almost at the same time. The first cellars were already in use at the outbreak of the 1870s war. The major works began in 1878. The construction of the park began in 1880. After this exciting exploration, the highlight was a delicious dinner in the classic rooms of the house, which can also be rented for small and large groups.

Day two:

After the adventures of the day before, we continue directly to explore the world of the sparkling drink. Anything that goes beyond two visits can be exhausting, as every winemaker will present himself from his best side and you have to be solid to drink to be able to try out all the fantastic offers.
My journey leads me to the Domaine Philipponnart. In bright sunshine Thomas Jorez led me through the vines and afterwards I was allowed to discover the cellars. Almost 500 years ago the family left their footprints on the ground of Ay, generations of women and men cultivated the land. In the 16th century Philipponnart was already supplier of the royal house of Louis XIV. Philipponnart champagne is a champagne for lovers, with structure and longevity. Also here I was welcomed with hospitality and cordiality, after the many gathered impressions I was surprised with a lunch and champagne company of the special kind.

In the afternoon I visit the Domaine Eric Rodez– Auteur de Champagne. Since 1775 the house Rodez is known as a champagne producer. But since 1995 it has been talked about, because Eric Rodez celebrates the biodynamic winemaking in detail, he even creates oils which he spreads over the vines to avoid pesticides, if that is not devotion! 220 years after the foundation of the Domaine Eric Rodez began to say goodbye to the traditional champagne production and is now completely committed to new methods and cultivation methods. His son Michael Rodez is also committed to this development and supports his father. The Domaine is small and well arranged, a family business, therefore just right for the afternoon. However, the tasting did not leave any wish unfulfilled and was therefore very sumptuous.

Anyone who can still do it after this busy day should definitely stop at one of the picturesque restaurants in the heart of Reims.

Day three:

For the day of the departure I came up with another highlight, a visit to Laurent-Perrier, one of the few bigger champagne houses which is still under family management, the De Nonancourt family. Laurent Perrier is the 4th largest champagne house, which together with Champagne Delamotte, Salon and De Castellane, produces 13 million bottles a year. Here, too, great emphasis is placed on sustainability. So it comes as no surprise that the Laurent Perrier Rosé is one of the best-selling champagnes in the world. The Rosé captivates in the nose with a beguiling fruit bouquet and also on the palate it presents itself powerfully with long lasting aromas of red berries, 100 % Pinot Noir. What makes this champagne so special is that it undergoes maceration for 48 to 72 hours after harvesting. This is the reason for the extraction of the unique colour and gives the champagne all the aromatic richness of Pinot Noir.

If you are interested in a guided tour with me, keep up to date under GLOBUS-Travels, because we will start a unique trip from May 17th to May 19th.

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