Testing the Pinot Noir giants: Donatsch vs. Jauslin in Bad Bubendorf

Large wine comparison Graubünden versus Basel Land:
The young winegrowers Adrian Jauslin from Muttenz and Martin Donatsch from Malans presented their excellent wines personally at a joint wine evening.


A great dinner with a nice wine is always something special, but the tasting at the Ostaria Tre in Bad Bubendorf is the icing on the cake.
Besides a fantastic menu by Flavio Fermi, the wines of Adrian Jauslin and Martin Donatsch were uncorked.
We learned interesting facts, such as: To what circumstances does the “Completer” owe its name? Completer is a white wine variety cultivated in Malans, in today’s Canton Graubünden. The name of the wine variety and the wine of the same name is derived from the evening prayer “Completorium or Completa”, after which the aromatic, full-bodied wine was once drunk as a refreshment by the monks of the Chur Cathedral Chapter. Today, in the municipality of Malans, an alcoholic, long-lived wine with aromas of quince and orange blossom is pressed from it.
What is the Riesling-Silvaner-Trophy all about?
Swiss Wine Connection and Falstaff Switzerland award the Riesling-Silvaner Trophy. They want to show the second most important but unfortunately very often underestimated white wine variety in Switzerland, which was bred in 1882 by the Swiss Hermann Müller-Thurgau in Geisenheim, in the right light and also contribute to the appreciation of German-Swiss wines. The jury blindly tasted the Riesling-Silvaner (Müller-Thurgau) and awarded Adrian’s winery the Riesling-Silvaner Muttenz 2016, in the dry white wine category.
Of course, the comparison of the Pinot Noirs, the top class of wines in Switzerland, was particularly exciting. Jauslin Hohle Gasse and Hohle Gasse Grand Cru against Pinot Noir Passion and Pinot Noir Unique.
If you now wonder which one was the best of them all, I can’t give you an answer. Both wineries have their own great and elegant style, which you have to discover for yourself. Donatsch shines with elegance and finesse, Jauslin captivates with fruitiness and the dynamic youth is reflected in the wines. So, all I can say is that I have to try and find my own favorite.

My tip:
Allow yourself an overnight stay after such an exciting evening in the directly adjacent hotel. Two stylistically completely different buildings await you. Firstly, the completely renovated listed historical part and the extension building design, which cleverly combines history and modernity and blends harmoniously, yet with exciting contrasts into the rural environment. A delicious breakfast in an elegant ambience will release you safely into the new day.

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