What may you expect from me? 

The combination of Sommelier, Wine Lecturer, Trainer, Expert, and Sales Consultant makes me uniquely qualified on the subject of wine, spirits, and sparkling wines. My experience and expertise allow me to offer all services unbiasedly and independently of producers and companies. Tap on my expertise and use my varied skills if you’re interested in, for example, Wine Coaching, Wine & Dine, Theme Seminars, or Tasting Trainings.

Wine Tasting

What’s in that bottle?

Forget about boring wine classes, in which one feels like being back at school. The passion for a social get-together, talking about wine and talk shop should be supported. Are you interested in the story behind the bottle? Or are you more interested in tasting Cabernet from different cultivation areas of the world? What is Terroir- and can one really taste minerality? There is no place else than a direct tasting where one can find answers to all these questions.

Wine & Dine

“How do I combine white wine with fish, may I serve the Rosé also for meat, champagne for sushi, does this work, can I do this?”

All these questions and more will be answered by me in an ideal setting. Together with our partners, we create the perfect event for you.  I will provide you with the right combination, whether it be with business partners from all over the world, your friends, or family. Together with hand-picked guest speakers, we will discuss and explore many interesting topics.

Expert Talk

Expert Talk - Experten im Gespräch

Let’s talk about wine.

Are you providing a new wine to the market? Is Sake the new must-have in your opinion? Vin-en-Vogue is aimed at the needs of the sophisticated target groups of luxury brands and ambitious companies. I allow direct and competent access to the international world of wine, either in front of an audience or on paper.

In the following you can get a taste: TeleBasel Weintipp.


Employee training, wine list optimization, your personal wine-coach.

I always set myself to the demands and aspirations of my clients with customized and individual concepts and open up new perspectives surrounding the topic of wine.

Vin-en-Vogue guarantees you the highest level of service.


Individual Locations, the perfect place for you to go over your questions about wine, which can be combined with lunch or dinner. Together with my partners, we create the perfect event for you. I have the ability to satisfy the highest demands of the various customer groups, making me predestined as their partner.

for example: