22nd Star Cup in Ischgl, Laurent Perrier Ski World Cup of Gastronomy

In glorious sunshine the 22nd star cup started in Ischgl,

“Ischgl is only once a year” what is the Star Cup?
It is an event for star chefs, from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where Laurent-Perrier, the champagne house, thanks for the good cooperation and the great work that the star chefs daily afford.

Who invented it?
Twenty-two years ago, Hans Haas (chef Tantris München) and Thomas Schreiner (Laurent-Perrier) came up with the idea of ​​organizing a “class reunion” for star chefs

Who can be there and what must they do?
At the Star Cup of the chefs of Champagne Laurent-Perrier and the tourism association Paznaun – Ischgl, the international cooking elite dueled in the giant slalom and proves their class during live cooking on the legendary Idalp stage.

What is it about?
Fame, honor, fun, joy and star cuisine

What are the highlights?
Kitchen party with Lafer & Award of the Hornstein Ranking
“Class reunion” of the star chefs
Traditional cup with cult status



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