Dom Perignon P2, the secret is time

In the past two decades Dom Pérignon’s champagne has made its way up to being the number-one brand. What is the secret surrounding the bottle P2 1998? Richard Geoffroy is finally sharing his passion and experience with the world and lets us have a glimpse behind the scenes. At the Cocoon, which is in Zurich’s district Seefeld, the story has been brought to me in a mysterious way with illustration and delight

To make it short, time plays the most important part in this metamorphosis.

The secret has been liftet in three short steps. Who would have thought for it to be that easy. The most important ingredients for this recipe are TIME and PATIENCE.

The First Plénitude is revealed after at least seven years of maturation on the lees, depending on the vintage. The wine then embodies the perfect balance of Dom Pérignon, its greatest promise. This is Dom Pérignon Vintage, the Plénitude of harmony.

The Second Plénitude asserts itself after a minimum of 12 years of maturation on the lees. In this window of expression, the wine is majestic in its Dom Pérignon intensity. Here it expresses its scope, its expansion. This is Dom Pérignon P2, the Plénitude of energy.

The Third Plénitude then comes after a minimum of 20 years of maturation on the lees. The wine now fully embodies another dimension where its essence enters the unknown. This is the Plénitude of complexity.

After three metamorphoses, Dom Pérignon’s uniqueness is almost completely revealed and accomplished. Such a process can exist nowhere else. This is Dom Pérignon’s own creation, the “Power of Creation”.
During each of the wine’s Plénitudes, with an enlightened sense of drama, certain Dom Pérignon traits are distinguished without ever denying the others. Thus the way in which the wine reveals itself is different each time, yet so close.
This process is the expression of a true vision of wine and veritable work of its architecture. The Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy is the master.

My first experience with P2 was truly a delight. This process confirms that, the true wow-experience with wine or champagne, comes after the achievement of the different stages of ripening. I wish you all the same amazing experience that I had.

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